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Tai Chi Sydney workshops are for students who have been learning Tai Chi with Tai Chi Society for at least four months and who want to improve their moves and to better comprehend the Tai Chi forms.

The Tai Chi Society teacher will show you the forms again and explain in great detail every aspect of the movements. When you practise the correct Tai Chi moves some things will start to happen -- you will feel more energy and a better flow, and the movements will become fluid, laying the foundation for advanced Tai Chi practice.

The number of students allowed in this Tai Chi workshop class in Sydney will be limited. The class-size is small so that the Tai Chi teacher can closely monitor and correct each studentís Tai Chi posture.

The Tai Chi Sydney workshop will greatly improve your level of understanding about many aspects of Tai Chi. Practising Tai Chi movements is one thing, but combining it with a knowledge of the Tai Chi forms is another such that you will enter another realm of insight into Tai Chi.

Tai Chi Society conducts Tai Chi workshops in Sydney in about every three months. Booking for this Tai Chi workshop is required well in advance.

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