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Tai Chi Sydney Refinement Classes

Tai Chi Sydney refinement classes are offered by Tai Chi Society in many suburbs. The Tai Chi refinement session is for students who want to fine-tune their Tai Chi: the Tai Chi teacher will review and explain the moves that you might have missed in normal classes.

The Tai Chi refinement class is a great way for beginners to understand more about a Tai Chi form, and to correct it further and enhance one’s daily Tai Chi practice. Tai Chi is not just a physical exercise -- Tai Chi has principles, methods, techniques and rules which must be followed in order to really get the full benefits of this great healing art; if these are ignored then one’s practise of incorrect Tai Chi is a waste of time and effort.

Tai Chi refinement classes are offered every six weeks on a week night or weekend in many suburbs in Sydney. The fee is $25.00 for a one-hour refinement class. Students are required to have been learning Tai Chi for a minimum of one month with Tai Chi Society in order to attend the Tai Chi refinement session. The start date and booking both can be arranged with Tai Chi Society by telephone or email.

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